Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby's Best Friend

Makenzie is officially teething. She is drooling on everything, chewing on her hands and is unexplainably cranky at times. Teething this young is normal but it totally sucks. While she's pretty coordinated with her hands, many of the teethers are too bulky for her to manipulate well. She usually sucks on her hand while holding the teether which totally defeats the purpose. I also have one of those mesh food thingies that are good for putting in frozen grapes and things but she's not ready for that yet either.

The other day I was at Babies-R-Us and saw the RaZ-Berry Teether.

I totally don't buy into gimmicks but I decided to try it because this baby needs something to gnaw on. She LOVES it! She's able to take her paci in and out of her mouth so I knew she'd be able to manipulate this. The whole thing is made out of a gummy material and the berry on the end is all bumpy so she can gnaw on it and bring relief to her gums. After going on the website I want to find the cute pink crystal one. Anyway, if you have a teething baby or will have a teething baby soon, you must try this out!

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