Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Evolution of Me

I know that I totally failed to post my Manic Monday post this week. Kenzie is sick and that has taken up my every moment. During this little hiatus I have been doing a lot of thinking. I started this blog three years ago as a newly married, young bride. I was so excited to start cooking for my new hubby and taking care of our home. Three years later I am such a different person.

Back then, I got my nails done on a regular basis today I'm lucky if I have time to file and paint my nails. Back then, I went to the grocery store and bought whatever we wanted, today I'm very cautious about what I buy and how much I spend each week. Back then, I could clean our apartment in a few hours, today it takes me a whole day just to clean our master bathroom. So, many things have changed over these past three years.

Right now I am in a complete state of transition and, just as we were at this time last year, I'm in a state of limbo as well. Our desire is for me to stay home with Makenzie and we are really just trying to "crunch numbers" and cut back and determine if this is a possibility for us. I am transitioning from becoming an overworked teacher and college student, to a busy mommy and wife and frankly I love it! I pray that I can continue to be in this new role for many years to come.

With all of these changes and transitions, I see this blog taking a different route. I haven't been posting as often because everything I want to post is mommy related and I told myself that I wasn't going to let this become a mommy blog. I have no idea why I was fighting it, but the truth is the word "mommy" encompasses every aspect of my life. Although my relationship with God and Dirk come first, being a mommy still changes those two relationships. I am a mommy and since I've embraced the role I need to allow my blog to do the same.

I don't anticipate that the content of my blog will change drastically. I will still post the same stuff I've been posting but I think I'll be able to post a lot more frequently and the new posts will have to do with my life and mommy stuff. I don't feel that "I do...Now What" really encompasses this blog anymore so I'm starting to work on a new blog, but who knows when I'll be able to get that out seeing as I'm super busy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new emphasis to my blog and aren't too annoyed by it. I can't apologize for the change because it is who I am now. I look forward to posting more frequently and sharing my experiences as I walk this crazy road of mommyhood.

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