Sunday, June 13, 2010

Manic Monday: Hard Water

I've already mentioned that I hate laundry, but if the laundry alone doesn't kill me, mix it with our hard water and I know that years have been cut off my life. Okay, seriously though, we have the hardest water. I know we can get a water softener but I really don't like the way it makes my hair and skin feel. So, we put up with the hard water.

We had hard water in our apartment but NOTHING beats the hard water we have at our house. By the end of the week we have hard water build up on our sink faucet, our showers, even our kitchen counters where we let the wet dishes dry. Our shower takes me FOR-EV-ER to clean.

I can get all of the hard water off with yucky cleaners like Lime Away or CLR but our toilets always have a ring around them. I've tried everything and I just can't seem to get the ring off. It drives me crazy because I think that people are going to come use our toilet and think it's dirty, when I know it's clean.

Not too long ago my mom found an amazing tool at Albertsons and I just had to share. It's called Hannah's Helper.

It looks like like screen door fabric but it's super abrasive.

This thing works wonders. All you do is take it to the toilet and lightly scrub away the hard water, you barely have to put any effort behind it, I've tried it without any cleaner just to see if it works and it does! Seriously, it has saved me so much time and effort, I absolutely LOVE it!

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  1. My parents home has a water softner and I know the feeling you are talking about. But what's crazy is that just after a couple of days you do get used to it and won't notice it one bit. Just a little something to consider if you haven't already.