Sunday, June 27, 2010

Manic Monday: Utilizing Technology

In the words of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite...I love technology, not as much as you, you see. Okay, anyway, I really do love technology. A month ago I bought an app for my iPhone called Baby Connect. I thought it was going to be one of those things that sounds really great but you never use it. I'm so glad I was wrong. Seriously if you have an iPhone, iPad or are always near a computer, you have to try out Baby Connect.

With Baby Connect you can record any and all of baby's happenings. Here is a screenshot from Sunday night:

That screenshot doesn't show everything it can do but here's the basics:
You record baby's sleep, feedings (including ounces for bottles, feeding times for breastfeeding and foods eaten for solids), you can also keep track of meds given, temperature, all sorts of things. This was really helpful for when Makenzie wasn't feeling well. Having the mommy brain that I have, I recorded when I gave her Tylenol and all I had to do was open the app on my phone to see when she was due for her next dosage.

Now, maybe you're not like me and you don't want/need to compare each days' "stats" but I LOVE that I can compare how much Makenzie has eaten today opposed to yesterday. I also love that it gives me weekly averages and compares today's information to yesterday's information. Here's a screenshot of the week's stats (as you can see I wasn't faithful at updating on June 21st because Makenzie definitely ate more than 14 ounces that day):

There are two things that I don't use but will be very relevant to some. One of them is the ability to track multiple children. This will be extremely helpful for the few people I know that are having twins here pretty soon. When Makenzie was first born we had an ItzBeen and we did use it some but this app would have been so much more helpful, especially because I always have my phone with me. Another feature, is the ability to have multiple phones and/or computers updating the information. If you have to leave baby with a caregiver and the caregiver happens to have an iPhone or iPad they can update the information and you can check the baby's happenings online at the Baby Connect website. It's really easy to catch up on things you haven't recorded so don't think that you have to record the information right as it happens. Seriously, the app is only $4.99 and so far I've used it religiously. For more information visit click here.

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