Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh Fudge!

Dallas family budget cuts mean that holidays and special occasions aren't celebrated with presents but rather with sweet gestures. They say that the way to a man' heart is through his stomach. Let me tell you, my hubby loves chocolate and so for Father's Day I decided that I would make him any dessert he wanted. He chose Oreo Pretzel fudge which I had found on thekitchn.

Last time I made fudge it never fully set and was totally gooey so I was super nervous to make this fudge. Apparently I do not have the magical touch when it comes to fudge because the fudge didn't set, again. If you've been following my blog for any amount of time you know that I love to cook and enjoy baking but it's definitely not my expertise. For those of you "expert" bakers, do you have any idea what went wrong?

As you can see, the top did set but I know that layering is not the problem because the last fudge wasn't a layered fudge.

Finger gooyness

Fudge remnants on the parchment paper:


  1. wow it still looks really good gooey. Perhaps using a candy thermometer would help to get it thicker - I usually get mine over done and it crystalizes. I'm definitely not a baking expert! It looks amazing Alicia.

  2. you should use the simple condensed milk recipe. Just a can of condensed milk, and almost 2 bags of chocolate chips(but you can change those to whatever kind you like-peanut butter, white, milk, dark) put the condensed milk in a pan on low heat, pour in the chocolate chips until they melt, continually stirring, right when all the chips are melted turn off the fire, throw in some vanilla extract and pour into an 8x8 pan which is buttered or sprayed with pam, put in the fridge. after 2 hours it's about the right consistency to cut. If you leave it in the pan longer than 2 hours it may be harder to get out. It's a great easy and simple recipe. Takes about 10 minutes.