Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Carrots for Baby

It's time to try a new "solid" for Makenzie and so I decided we would try carrots. They are sweet, nutritious and fairly mild in flavor. I bought a bag of organic baby carrots on sale at Ralphs and came home to make some carrots. Before making them I headed over to Wholesome Homemade Baby Food which is my typical resource for homemade baby food. As I looked up carrots I learned something I hadn't known, or perhaps learned in college and forgot.

Apparently carrots contain nitrates which can cause Blue Baby Syndrome. The chances of your baby getting Blue Baby Syndrome from carrots is pretty much 0% but still there's a chance. It's best to wait to feed babies carrots until they are 6 months old because at this time babies digestive tracts are fully developed. There are nitrates in all carrots. Less in organic carrots and while baby food companies screen for nitrates there is no way to take out the nitrates from the baby food.

If you've fed your baby carrots before 6 months old obviously your baby is just fine and most probably will be but because I have this new sense of mommyhood, my mommy heart says, "Makenzie doesn't NEED carrots so why not wait until next month when she's 6 months old.

This week I'm going to be making homemade brown rice cereal. I was going to make carrots but I guess Mommy and Daddy get to eat the carrots.

Here's some more information on nitrates and blue baby syndrome.


  1. FYI - Carrots freeze really well. Just cook them as you normally would, puree, then divide into covered ice cube trays (or your muffin tins!) Then they'll be ready to go when you're ready to feed them to her. Also, be aware they'll probably turn her nose orange. :) I love that site and use it, along with a couple of cookbooks I have.

  2. I would love to know what cookbooks you have. I want to get a few. :)

  3. I have two by Annabel Karmel: Top 100 Baby Purees and The First Meals Food Diary. There are some great recipes on there, but I relied heavily on the wholesomebabyfood.com website too. I'll be happy to try to answer any questions you have!

    Also, I blocked my blog for the time being (long story), but send me your email address to hollyhanes@gmail.com and I can add you to the access list if you'd like. :)