Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Food Debate

In case you haven't noticed, food is my passion. I love to eat and make good food. Not only food that tastes good but also food that's good for you (most of the time anyway). This applies to feeding miss Makenzie as well.

If you've been reading my blog since Makenzie has been born you know that breastfeeding has been a nightmare. I continue to pump every three hours and now that she's taking in 5 oz. she is getting one formula bottle every day, but I'm working on eliminating that as well. When it came time to start solids it was another mental battle.

You know, as you're planning for the arrival of your precious little one you make all of these awesome decisions for your baby, perhaps even perfect decisions for her. Then your precious bundle is born and you realize that she does not follow anything that Dr. Sears or any other book said. There are so many things that I said I wouldn't do that I did, even in the first days when we gave her a pacifier to help her fussiness. You know what, the pacifier worked and she still latched on just fine and she's perfectly healthy. It's not to say that nipple confusion doesn't exist but for us, in that moment it was what we needed to do and it worked. (side note: nipple confusion is not why breastfeeding didn't work for us, she had a great latch)

Before Makenzie was born I swore that her first food would be avocado because it is one of the most complete and natural foods. When it was time to start her on solids I researched and asked friends about their take on avocado. I really felt like that's what we were going to do.

When Makenzie was ready for solids I went out and bought an organic avocado. I pureed it with some breastmilk and I was so excited to give her her first "people food". She hated it! We tried it for a week, sometimes with breastmilk others without to see if it made any difference, it didn't. After a week of avocado we tried banana, nope! I finally gave in and tried Earth's Best Organic Rice Cereal. It still wasn't her favorite but I realized with the banana and avocado that she is trying to get used a new texture and taste. With the rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, she's only dealing with texture because the rice cereal itself takes on the flavor of breastmilk. She's still not loving solids but she's getting used to it and now likes bananas.

My point is, that as a mom I want what is perfectly best for Makenzie but what really is perfectly best? I can't really say. The cereal is going to lead to the healthy foods like avocado and my goal is not to stuff her with cereal but for her to get used to the eating experience. Bottom line, you can have perfectly amazing expectations for your baby but when it comes down to it what is perfect by the book isn't always perfect in reality. I've learned to stop feeling guilty when my perfect plan for Makenzie doesn't pan out because we are doing the best we can to raise a healthy, happy, smart baby and so far she's doing great!


  1. At what age did you start the solids? I can't believe she's already at that stage. Makes me excited for Ryan's first solid food tasting!

  2. We started at 4 1/2 months. There are a lot of opinions and studies out there that vary from starting at 4 months to waiting until 6+ months. Both sides have research and studies and the pediatrician even said that there are wavering trends about feeding solids. Because of all of the contradiciton we just looked for the cues and started when we thought she was ready.