Thursday, July 29, 2010

Non-Toxic Cleaning

As we work to become a one income family, my goal is to cut costs where we can. As we've been tracking our spending these past few months, we've noticed that our Target bill is more than we'd like it to be (yes, we have a spending column just for Target). Now I'll admit that occasionally I'll buy something we don't absolutely need like an outfit for Makenzie that was on clearance or extra kitchen towels but I'm a very disciplined spender and very rarely buy something on a whim.

I have been so disciplined at Target lately, buying only our absolute essentials and yet I only cut the bill by $30. We started analyzing what it is that we are buying at Target that costs so much and we realized a big chunk of it is cleaning products. Dirk always makes comments that we have way too many cleaning products. There's something for every task.

Along with the crazy cost of all of the cleaning products, a lot of them just aren't safe for Makenzie. Not only are they toxic if swallowed but I've read several articles about chemicals lingering in the air, even when you no longer smell them. There are a few things that I don't know I can give up, like my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (man, I love those things!) but there are other things that I would love to make myself like all purpose cleaner. My biggest issue is that I really want something that not just cleans but also disinfects. I've been using water and vinegar for sometime now but I just don't care for it and Dirk hates the smell.

I've been researching a ton and still have more to do but so far the best link I found was on Inhabitots. What I love about this "recipe" is that you add essential oils to add fragrance and disinfecting properties. I still have more research to do but I'm on my way to making my own cleaners. I've heard that hydrogen peroxide is another great cleaner too but need to look into that more.

Do any of you make your own cleaners? I'd love to get input and have some more "recipes."

Other links I've stumbled upon so far:
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  1. Hi! I follow your blog through the "Love & Wells" blog. I figured it's time I leave you a comment! I remembered this post over at Young House Love. Hope this is helpful!

  2. Jacquelin, thank you SO much. That link is awesome!!!

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