Tuesday, July 20, 2010

thredUP Review

I'm halfway through the thredUP process and so far the process has been really smooth. I found a box I wanted and received it in the mail within 3 days. I also listed a box and am just waiting for someone to choose it.

In getting my first box I learned that I need to be more picky about the boxes I choose. Here's the description to the box I ordered (you may need to click the picture to read it better):

Carter's, Gap, OshKosh, you can't go wrong right?

Well, here's what I got and my comments about them:

Really? Are you serious? When I read that there would be OshKosh in the box, I thought, "You can't go wrong with OshKosh" I have been to the OshKosh store many times in the past year or so and I pretty much like everything. This pink and white OshKosh outfit has to be at least 10 years old. And the purple outfit, although it is what was described is so not "in style" both outfits are very dated.

I personally don't put Makenzie in character clothes because I'm not a big fan of them. I knew that there would be a Pooh outift in there and I was okay with that, not something I like but not horrible. The red sweater is baby Gap and it's cute but pretty faded. The red skirt is also faded.

A cute romper

The best pick out of the whole box

A Carter's outfit, not bad for lounging around the house

A pair of OshKosh overalls that are like new

Cute sweater

Cute floppy hat

Okay, so this box cost me $13. There are some things Makenzie will never wear and others that she may wear only at home. I do love the baby Gap skirt and sleeveless onesie and the OshKosh overalls are cute so if I figure it that way I got 2 things I really like and some things that are useful for $13. I still got a great deal.

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