Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Transition to Sippy Cup

Last week I tried to give Makenzie her Tommee Tippee trainer cup but she got frustrated with it so I bought her the Nuby 3 Stage Grow bottle and I LOVE it (so does she).

First of all, the handles are easy for her to grasp and make the bottle easy to manuever. The nipple has "teething nubs" on it so it feels good against her very sore gums. Best of all, once she gets the hang of holding the cup, which she almost has down to a science, I can switch to the nipple-like spout that will get her used to the feel of a sippy cup nipple.

I also love this "bottle" because I can put her in the highchair with her bottle full of water and keep her occupied and learning while I cook dinner. She loves water and although most of it ends up all over her clothes she really enjoys the cup a lot.



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