Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cherish the Moments

Being a mom has taught me so many things. The most important thing that I've learned, and keep learning, is to slow down and enjoy every moment. I'm the type of person that wants to just keep going. Now that I'm staying home I look at my house and taking care of my family as my job, meaning I have specific tasks I want to accomplish for the week and really take it seriously. For the most part Makenzie cooperates and I've figured out how to work around her schedule but there are times that she just simply wants to be held when she wouldn't usually. Tonight was one of those examples.

Typically Makenzie gets a bath around 7:30, we give her a bottle, read to her and then put her in her crib. Typically, she fusses a little but puts herself to sleep and I have from about 8:15 until 11:00 to get things done and to veg. Tonight Makenzie was super restless. I don't know what it was but she was just not herself. I'll admit, I really just wanted her to go to sleep so I could get some things done. When she wouldn't go to sleep on her own I was disappointed. Of course I picked her sweet little self up, out of her crib, cradled her in my arms and sat down on the couch. At that moment I looked at her and remembered how tiny she used to be and how quickly 5 1/2 months have gone by, seriously they have flown by. At that moment I was once again reminded that my little baby girl isn't always going to be so little and some day, hopefully a day very far from now, she won't need me to hold her to go to sleep. And so I cradled her closer and held her longer than she needed because I needed to. Thank you my dear Makenzie for teaching me to slow down and to cherish each moment that I'm given.

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