Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Right now, while I'm sitting on my couch blogging, my kitchen still has dinner dishes that need to be washed and counters that need to be cleaned, there are wet clothes in the washer that need to be put into the dryer and there are baby contraptions all over my living room floor.

We're currently in a really good routine and part of that routine is that after dinner we go on a walk, I give Kenzie a bath put her to bed, clean the kitchen and living room and then finally settle down around 9:45. Tonight I just want to sit here. I know I shouldn't but I'm just feeling "blah".

Do you ever have those moments when you just wish you were sitting around a fancy pool, in a fancy swimsuit, big sunglasses and a matching hat (with your pre-baby body), while some person in clean white tennis shoes is serving you a nice cold drink? THAT sounds amazing right now!

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