Sunday, August 1, 2010

Manic Monday: Laundry...Again

I know that it's not Monday. I had this post finished since Sunday and yesterday really was a manic Monday so it never got it is anyway.

Oh laundry, how I hate thee. Seriously, I don't know what it is but I am determined to get a hold on this laundry thing. Last Thursday, yes 4 days ago, I decided to tackle all of my laundry, including putting it away. I still have a few more loads to do but I'm planning on finishing it up today.

You're probably thinking, "Alicia, how is it taking you 4 days to do laundry for three people?" I think I've finally figured out a laundry plan and I'm really happy about it. It used to be that laundry was a "sidenote". It was never something I had a plan for. I hadn't caught up my laundry since vacation and so on Thursday I decided to make a laundry plan.

Here are some of the things that helped me to not only get it washed and dried but also to actually get it put away:

  1. Alternate "high maintenance" and "low maintenance" loads
    A high maintenance load would be loads like Makenzie's clothes which consist of a ton of items or whites which have a lot of socks that need to be folded. A low maintenance load would be a load like towels, sheets or blankets that are super quick to fold. By alternating between these two types of loads I am able to keep up with not only folding but also putting away the clothes in between loads.

  2. Fold all previous loads before moving on
    Typically laundry is a constant chain. When one load goes in the drier a new load goes in the washer. By doing this I often ended up with clothes I didn't have time to fold, which resulted in full laundry baskets accumulating in our bedroom. This time around, I washed a new load if I only had one load to fold and put away. If I was behind, I didn't put another load in the washer until I sat down to fold the other loads. Right now the only laundry not put away is Makenzie's because every time I fold laundry, she's napping.

  3. Take advantage of the down time
    I always view laundry as a nuisance because there are other things that I could be doing. This time around I decided to take advantage of it. I used the forced down time to think, and pray and then just let my mind veg out on some TV. It was actually kind of relaxing when I forced myself to just take a deep breath and enjoy the time I had to sit on the couch without feeling guilty about it.
My goal is to do one load of laundry per day and never get behind. I REALLY hope it works but we'll see.

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