Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sugar Coma

I hate sweets. Okay, no really. If you would have asked me before I got pregnant, I would have told you that I just tolerate sweets. I did enjoy gummy bears and licorice and things like that but rarely ate baked goods. Once I was pregnant that changed somewhat, but after I had Makenzie I was suddenly addicted to sweets, which by the way is not helping me get these last 5 pounds off!

Last month I tried Sprinkles cupcakes for the first time. Let me just tell you that the Red Velvet is absolutely amazing. I still think about it every day. One of the downsides to Sprinkles is that they only have certain flavors on certain days, which means I have yet to try a pumpkin, mocha or chai latte, all of which I really want to try.

Soooo, this month Sprinkles' seasonal flavor is Caramel Apple. Listen to this description: Spiced apple cake studded with granny smith apples topped with a caramel cream cheese frosting. Oh man. It's only available until October 31st. I so need to make a drive down to Newport Beach. I can't stop thinking about these!

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