Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today I am THAT Parent

I always said that I didn't really want Makenzie to watch much TV. I'll admit that I do put on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings while Makenzie plays so that I can pump. She never just sits and watches TV and she really only pays attention to the parts where there is music and dancing but tonight I'm exhausted and she's soooo cranky. She was up all night and hasn't slept much today, gotta love teething. So what is she doing right now? She's in her exersaucer watching the Backyardigans. Yes, it is keeping her occupied and she's even laughing at it. The few minutes of silence and not hearing her whine are actually quite relieving and frankly I'm enjoying watching it too. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.


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  2. Yep I agree. Sometimes TV is just necessary. Ryan watched spongebob once for almost 30 minutes while I was busy. I felt guilty but he totally loved it. On a side note, would you recommend an exersaucer? We don't have one but I'm thinking of getting one. Is it something you think Ryan would grow out of soon, at 6 months of age?

  3. Steph, I totally think it's worth it IF you can find a good deal on it. We didn't have one either but she started to be disinterested in her "little baby toys" and we don't really have any "big baby toys." I debated about the same thing (knowing she'd outgrow it) but found one for $50 on Amazon. The one I really wanted was $130 and I wasn't willing to spend that much. It's also nice now that she's crawling because I can quickly put her in there if I have to quickly use the restroom so I know she's not getting into anything.

    Amazon has a few under $70 and you get free shipping. You can also check Craigslist. I found some in our area but it ended up being only a little more to buy a brand new one and didn't have any hassle. :)

    Here's an Evenflo Farmer one for $51.54:

  4. TV can be a useful tool. The problem is where when you decide it's a babysitter.

    Trick or treat!

  5. Alicia~ My friend and I are new to blogging and were browsing through to see what other people wrote about. I am a mother of two teenagers and your posts took me back to the wonderful days I stayed home with them. They did watch a little t.v. when they were little so I could get things done such as take a shower and cook dinner. Pam and I are currently
    1st grade teachers and are amazed at what our students are allowed to watch. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job of taking care of your little one. Enjoy this time because it goes by so fast!My daughter is a senior and off to college next year. I miss those days of staying home!