Friday, November 19, 2010

Hubby Knows Best

Makenzie typically loves her baths. We have developed a great routine and she even expects what comes next. While we were at Target the other day I decided to look for another bath toy. She has some squirty toys that she likes but I thought that something interactive might be more fun now that she's older. I saw the Fisher Price Precious Planet Twist & Paddle Polar Bear Bath toy, say that 3 times fast. It looks so cute and is a great idea. I showed it to Dirk and he wasn't nearly as thrilled with it as I was. He says, "What is it supposed to do?" I said look, "You twist the little baby bear and the mama bear kicks her legs and they float across the bathtub." Dirk doesn't think it'll work because it's too heavy and has holes but come on, it's Fisher Price and that's what the back of the box says right? Men, always so analytical...

Okay so maybe Dirk did know what he was talking about. I should have known, he loves toys and he's a smart guy. I guess I get the gullible mom award. What a waste of $6.99.

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