Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Santa Clause Debate

Do your kids believe in Santa Claus? Both Dirk and I grew up believing in Santa. At some point, when my brothers were little, my parents decided that they didn't like the idea of believing in Santa so my two youngest brothers never believed in Santa. My mom sat us down, and explained to my sister and three brothers the story of Saint Nicholas and how the belief in Santa Claus came to be.

I know one of the big arguments for not having your kids believe in Santa is that when they find out that Santa isn't real (along with the tooth fairy, easter bunny, etc.) they may also question the reality of God. Also, some children, upon finding out that there is no Santa Claus, feel like their parents deceived them and are honestly heartbroken. I personally found out from some kids at school, in the 4th grade. The belief in Santa never caused me to question my faith and I wasn't devastated.

Now that we have Makenzie we need to decide, do we do Santa or not? Dirk and I have talked a little about it but still need to decide what to do. We're both totally on the fence. What do you do with your kids?

Regardless of what we're going to do, I tried out this website and created a personalized message from Santa to Makenzie. I showed it to her and she was intrigued. :) If your kids do believe in Santa Claus you have to try it out!

Here's the link to Makenzie's video


  1. Oh interesting! Alex and I were having the same discussion about what we would do with our future kids.

    I remember doing the whole Santa Clause thing when we were little, but it was never like this real thing... it was more something we did becuase it was Christmas. My parents always tried to make the fairy tale things out to be exaggerations and overly fake. You know?

    But we were always serious when it came to God and Jesus. Sure there are funny traditions my family took on to celebrate the birth of Christ, but talking about the true meaning of Christmas was the whole point of Christmas so they really didn't see the point in doing the whole Santa Clause thing.

    All that said, I think that whatever we can do to put the focus on Christ and loving others is the way to go. With or without Santa :)

    Good luck you guys!

  2. I agree with Nat. My parents did the same thing, and I never took the Santa thing seriously. My parents were always very clear that he was not a real person.

    I think that's what we are going to do with Adah, but at this point, I don't think we are going to have a problem convincing her. She HATES Santa Clause.

    But honestly, I want credit for the gifts WE buy. Okay, theres the sarcasm again. ; )

  3. At our house, Santa (like the tooth fairy) only visits those who believe. He doesn't leave any gifts, but after they go to sleep someone fills the stockings...they've never asked who and we've never told them. The kids have always received 3 gifts on Christmas morning because that's what Jesus received when he was born. They know how many they will get and they know why.

    The tooth fairy leaves glitter, a note and money. One time Taylor told me her friend told her the tooth fairy was fake and she didn't believe. I said ok, no problem. The tooth was still there in the morning. She decided to believe and wrote a note to the tooth fairy and left it with the tooth. A visit came that night.

    Kids are only little for a short time. Enjoy the moments of make believe and excitement! :)

  4. My kids know all about Santa but also know he is not real. We don't make him out to be this horrible man either. If they want to say hi to him at the mall they can or make santa crafts and admire santa things they can. I always point out Santa when we see him places just like I point out anyone else wearing a costume. They kind of think of him as all the fairy tale characters. It's a fairy tale. They have huge imaginations and I like to encourage them to use their imaginations. But when it comes down to it they know that spiderman, batman and Santa are all pretend.

    We have lots of fun things we do as a family around Christmas so I know for sure my kids aren't missing out on anything by not believing in Santa. Also sometimes it seems hard enough to focus your kids on Jesus during Christmas with all thats going on that Santa just seems like it would be one more distraction for them.

    On a side note my 4year old did just say the other day that he wants to be Santa for halloween next year....so there you go :)