Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pre-Potty Training

Makenzie pees almost every time we put her in the bathtub. When we first started putting her in the big bathtub we would put her in her bathseat and wait for her to pee, then we would turn off the water, rinse out the tub and finally put her in the big tub. It was such a process.

One day I thought, "I'm going to buy a potty seat and see if she will go in it." We headed to Babies-R-Us the next day and bought a potty. I put her on it and nothing happened but as soon as the water turned on, voila! She peed. We still put the potty in the bathtub but she's starting to go potty in it before we even turn the water on and she claps when she does it so she understands what's going on. I hope that this will help us transition over to "real" potty training.

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