Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girly Innocence

There are moments in life that something really gets you thinking, it changes your outlook on life and makes you stop in your tracks. I love when those moments come. Yesterday I was reading an article in Redbook called "Little Girls Gone Wild: Why Daughters Are Acting Too Sexy Too Soon." If you have a daughter or may someday have a daughter, you MUST read this article.

You know I look at Makenzie's perfect self, I caress her sweet cheeks, touch each finger and brush back her hair and think, "Someday she will probably dislike, maybe even loathe, something about herself." That seriously makes me so sad. I hold this being in my arms that is absolutely perfect, perfect because God made her who she is, perfect because really what is a physical "flaw" anyway? I pray that somehow, despite this vicious, yucky world, she will love herself, not as the world may think of loving yourself but love herself because she is the daughter of the King, because as I mentioned in another blog post, she is more than the sum of her parts.

Although not written from a Christian perspective, it brought up a lot of societal issues that face our young girls and how it is damaging them. I haven't completely decided where I stand, this article brings up issues that may be controversial to many parents. Essentially it talks about the possible harm of dressing up as princesses, playing with BRATZ dolls, going to get facials and manicures at a young age and the danger of watching TV. Now please don't immediately get defensive and write this article off. You have to read it to truly understand what the author is saying. It's not the act of these things, it's the underlying principle, for example, many times girls are praised for their beauty and boys for their smarts. I ask you to read this article with an open mind. I hope that you will share your thoughts, whether in agreement or disagreement, because I'm really interested in talking this out with others.


  1. Good article link Alicia! I read it and it really made me think more deeply about how much we are pushing the sexualization of our young girls nowadays. I noticed it mentioned those iCarly and Hannah Montana shows, and even though I havent watched those shows too much, I have seen the constant theme in those shows of girls chasing boys/boys chasing girls and girls in miniskirt type clothing. I think this article and your post not only convicted me a little more to be more concerned about the self image our young girls have for themselves, but how these things even effect my own self image. Its not easy, but we need to view ourselves in the Light of Christ.

  2. Thanks ladies, I'm glad that you enjoyed the article as well. Justine, you're so right, it is so so difficult to view ourselves in the light of Christ, especially when we're bombarded by the complete opposite all day.

  3. wow.I completely agree I'm in highschool and recently i've been noticing how the Bratz dolls are becoming so popular with younger girls- once i saw one that the wind was blowing the skirt up i was like woooahh now thats taking it too far. Mothers need to realize what they are spirutually feeding little children of God. It hurts me to think that some parents dont even care enough to take things like this into consideration.

    --julie :)

  4. Hormones in beef and other food products are making girls go through puberty much sooner in their lives. And as to your daughters flaws, they are small indicators to other people of evolutionary and genetic problems and issues that might become an issue for a potential mate. Sorry to burst your Jesus bubble.

  5. T-Money,
    I understand that not everyone believes in Jesus but your case has a lot of flaws. Hormones in beef are affecting our daughters however there are children who are brought up vegan who are experiencing the same issues so immediately your case loses it's validity. Thank you for your thoughts though. :)