Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Play Time!

I've been doing a "structured" playtime with Kenzie since she was pretty little. It started off with tummy time and storytime, then transitioned to playing ball, bubbles and storytime but lately I've been hard pressed to find stuff that is fun for her and out of the norm. I have a lot of ideas but most of them are messy and need to be done outside so that she can make a mess and so that I can hose her off. Obviously the weather in December and January isn't conducive to this kind of play.

The other day my friend Alyssa said that she used to give her daughter some cooked spaghetti and just let her play with it. Genius! I tried it yesterday and well, my busy baby who doesn't like to be "tied down" by silly contraptions such as highchairs, only lasted 5 minutes. Regardless of the short time span she did enjoy herself and the giggles that came forth when she first put her hand in the bowl were worth the effort.

I decided to search online to see if I could find some more play options for 10 month olds. Here are some of the sites I found...

Fisher-Price This one is so far my favorite. It has great ideas and uses mostly things you already have on hand at home. Most of them aren't very messy either. :)

Sunderland Children's Center I found this pdf online. It has some good ideas but a lot of them are super messy so you may have to wait for the summer to use them.

Nursery Activity Ideas This website isn't very organized but it had a few good ideas

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