Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I had a different post I was going to share today but my heart is burdened today for a few people and so I felt that it would be best to share that. One thing that has really encouraged my prayer life is Facebook and blogging. I know that may sound silly but you know that people are always posting things about rough days or illnesses on Facebook and there are SO many blogs out there about suffering. Children who have diseases or cancer, families who are now surviving without loved ones, although they are strangers you begin to care for them so deeply as you join in prayer for them.

I just recently mentioned Veronica King who just unexpectedly lost the man that was her best friend, hubby and father to her three children,one of which will be born on Feb. 8. I've also mentioned on here Daisy. She is a sweet little girl who is fighting a Wilm's tumor. She is currently in the hospital getting, what we're all praying will be, her very last chemo EVER. These two families are constantly on my heart but there's one I haven't shared with you all.

Sweet Kate McRae. I first heard her story about a year ago on TomKat Studio. In June 2009 it was discovered that sweet Kate had brain cancer. Just yesterday she went in for an MRI and they discovered that there are new spots on her brain. Of course the family is devastated, as is sweet Kate. My heart is so heavy for them today. I have seen the power of prayer and I know that our God is big enough to heal this sweet girl. I share this with you so that you too can join me in praying for her.

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  1. So sad to hear that. I saw the pray for Kate site a while back, but hadn't heard any news recently. I'm so bummed right now. I will be praying fervently for her and her family. Bah, so sad. Grateful that Kate and her family are in the care of our Great God.