Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter with a Toddler

Last Easter, Makenzie was only 2 months old so we couldn't do much with her. I wanted to color eggs but we just didn't get to it.
Makenzie - Easter 2010

I am so excited to continue some family traditions with her this year. My mom and dad always hid our Easter baskets and played the hot and cold game. I didn't like it because I never liked all the attention on me but my brothers loved it. I am pretty sure that Makenzie would love something like that as well.

So how do you celebrate Easter with a toddler? I found a couple things on some of the blogs I follow and thought I'd share.

I LOVE the idea of a streamer egg hunt.
Photo taken from a subtle revelry

Victoria, over at a subtle revelry created this idea and I think it's absolutely genius! You tape streamers to the eggs and stretch the streamer throughout the house. The kids can follow the streamer to find the egg. You could make this complex for older kids but I'm thinking for a toddler you could just leave a long tail on the egg and let them either follow it or pull the egg to themselves. I'm so excited to try this with Kenzie.

When it comes to dyeing eggs, I, of course, want it to be natural. Better Homes and Gardens has some "recipes" for how to dye your eggs all naturally.

Photo from BHG


  1. awww the streamer idea is a great one I might have to try that with my little boy.
    thanks for sharing

  2. i can't wait till my little guy (he's almost 3 months) is old enough to do these things! I totally missed out on the easter egg thing as a kid so i'm super excited to start some new traditions. thanks for posting!