Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am not a competitive person. When I would play board games when I was younger I felt bad if I made a good move against my parents because I didn't want to hurt their feelings. I am not one to compare myself to my friends or to compare what we have versus what others have. In that sense I am content with who we are as a family, who I am and who Makenzie is. Trust me, I'm not tooting my own horn because I have many, many flaws. I'm not saying this is good or bad, it's just me. In fact competition, when used properly, can lead to very good things and can be a strength in character.

I have noticed that competition runs through many people's blood and it's so interesting to me. Parents will either be bummed that their kid isn't doing something that Makenzie is doing or will be so proud that their kid is doing something that Kenzie isn't doing. Either way, I'm not affected. I'm happy to see Makenzie right where she is, whether more or less skilled in an area.

As a teacher, I am so intrigued by the drastic differences between toddlers of similar age. While one may talk well, the other has mastered most gross motor skills. While one may be timid to try new things, the other is willing to do whatever you ask of them. In teaching, it is well known that most children's abilities will level out around 3rd grade. Of course there are some who will fall behind and others who will be "gifted" but for the most part, by the time a kid reaches third grade, they will be almost equal with their peers. This is why GATE programs don't start until after a child is in 3rd grade.

I suppose I put enough pressure on myself that if I did feel competitive towards others I would crumble from the pressure. And because I'm just thinking out loud and have no pictures to go with my thoughts, here's a picture Dirk took on his iPhone after church. I just love it because it shows her dainty but fun personality.


  1. Leash, I LOVE this post. I think you're amazing personality is why Kenzie is SUCH a good kid. She feeds of your strong sense of self and it is going to be so amazing to see her become such a great woman.

    Love you girlies!

  2. Nat, thank you so much for your sweet enouraging words. I often feel like my personality is going to hold Makenzie back which is why I try so hard to be more outgoing with her and just let things be, rather than hoping for perfection. She makes me rethink everything I do. Your words brought me encouragement. Thank you!

    Love ya back. :)