Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Surrender All

Every day I feel like it's me against my world. If you saw my house you'd never know that it drives me crazy, except that you read this blog and are probably getting tired of hearing me talk about it. I've talked about so many strategies that I wanted to implement, sectional cleaning, quick clean-ups, the purpose project, etc. Although they all sounded like they'd work and I did try them all, NOTHING is working. The other day Dirk and I were talking about the mess that is our bedroom. Our bedroom is always mess because it always ends up being the place where the baskets of unfolded laundry go, then while I'm getting ready for the day Makenzie takes the clothes out of the baskets or if I'm in a hurry and looking for something I'm known to take the clothes out of the basket and not put them back in. Anyway, Dirk said let's just face the fact that we will never have folded laundry, we're just going to wear it again and wash it again, let's just keep the baskets in a nice order in our bedroom. He said that he felt like that was a perfectly good solution and was totally fine with it. To me, that was defeat. I am not good at keeping up with the laundry and lately our house has been in chaos but I will not allow this to be okay. That night I said to myself, "I'll show Dirk, tomorrow I'm going to do all of the laundry, get it put away and clean the house. I will do this!!!" Well the next day, I woke up and there were ants all over my clean kitchen. I dealt with those all day, along with an uber crabby baby and I threw my hands in the air and said, "Forget this. I am defeated. What am I going to do?"

Fast forward to a week later, our church's women's summer study, Girl Talk began yesterday. One of my absolute favorite speakers, Catherin Martin, spoke on the topic of "Experiencing the Hope of a New Day." God really spoke to me through her. I don't think that I have ever lifted up my house to the Lord. I mean, when we first moved in we prayed over the house and asked God to use it for His glory and that it would be a tool for ministry but I've never lifted up my messes to the Lord. I pray for endurance to clean the whole house, or for motivation, but never have I lifted up the messiness of the house to the Lord.

So today is a new day. I surrender all, including my very messy house. I cannot control this in my own power or might but only with the grace and power of the Lord. There is no way that this cannot work because He can do all things and I can do all things through Him.


  1. I really hate laundry for that same reason. Throwing it in shouldn't be a big deal but you have to remember to deal with it an hour later. And I hate folding it and putting it away. Sad to say i prefer cleaning the kitchen or something. There must be some secret to it.

  2. Absolutely! Me too! I surrender it all! Love it! I don't know if it will take you more time and experience or not? I vividly remember when I had only Emma being so overwhelmed. Then Isa came, then Abby. Now, I feel like "I got this"! Meaning, I am able to get the laundry done and finished, and I know NOT to leave it all for say Wednesday & Sunday but do a load a day? I don't know for sure, but I do pray, "Lord, help me with what's important" and sure enough the tasks that need to be done get done. We stay at home mamas, have the most awesome and daunting job, but my girls already tell me how thankful they are to have me at home with them. Don't be so hard on yourself, you are an amazing mom and your family already has all they need, that's a Mommy who loves the Lord! And He will in fact do all things that HE wants through you! :) Humbly Just saying...

  3. I have been battling being disorganized all my life, and now that I have a 4 year old granddaughter and health problems,(brain surgery 8 months ago).I'm working on the flylady plan, hoping one of these days, I'll have a neat house at all times..haha. At this point it looks like along time down the road. Good luck busy mom, you have alot on your plate.I think young or old all us moms and grandmas have the same goal. Hope you don't mind me taking a look at your blog.Check mine out if you like.

  4. Thank you so much Kim. Sorry it took so long to respond but I did see your post earlier and I have been so blessed by it. Thank you.