Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Minute Vacay

So last Thursday my aunt called and said that she had an extra room at Disney's Paradise Pier that she wasn't able to cancel so it was just going to sit there unless we came to use it! We were beyond blessed and so excited. We weren't planning on taking Makenzie to Disneyland until next year but with this awesome opportunity and an amazing friend who was able to get us into the park for part of the day, we were able to have some sweet family time. Because of this my Tot School Tuesday post is getting postponed until tomorrow but I thought I'd share some pics from our trip. It was such an awesome experience. Seeing Disneyland through Makenzie's eyes brought out the excitement that I once had when I was a kid. Dirk and I had such a great time! Thank you SO SO much to those of you who made this happen! It was a weekend we'll never forget!

Pool at the Paradise Pier Hotel. Makenzie loved jumping off the edge.
Loved the 1 foot pool!

Waiting for the parade
Met up with my Aunt T. and cousin Missy
The Little Mermaid ride was her favorite (mine too!). Her face was like this pretty much the whole time.
And of course you can't go to Disney without a picture of the baby wiped out in her stroller.

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