Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tot School Tuesday - 16 months

Last week was a busy week. I got a bad tooth infection which meant I spent a lot of time at the dentist and a lot of time in pain, that was so bad at one point that I wished I was in labor. Thankfully I'm all fixed up now. This crazy week meant that Tot School happened, just not as organized as I hoped it would.

I introduced Makenzie to Play-Doh for the first time.  She really liked it and surprised me with how well she used the cookie cutters. When I initially brought it out I just sat down with her and started playing with the Play-Doh. Moving it from one hand to another, kneading it, etc. She wasn't interested in "playing" with it much but she loved when I flattened it out. She drew on it, scratched on it, used the cookie cutters, etc.

The next day I sat her down with the Play-Doh and immediately flattened it out for her. I offered her various household items with different textures and showed her how to press them down into the Play-Doh. She really enjoyed that part.

My big undertaking this week was baking with Makenzie. I had never done it before and I knew that I was getting myself into quite a daunting task, but I also knew that she would love it and it would be a great learning experience.

First, I had her put all of the cupcake liners in the cupcake tin. I showed her how to do this once and she did a great job putting them nicely in. We had a few casualties but that's to be expected.

I also let her stir the dry ingredients after I had sifted them in the bowl.

Each time I measured an ingredient I handed her the measuring cup and let her pour it into the bowl.

She also helpled me put all of the ingredients away. Of course part of the learning experience was watching the cupcakes as they baked in the oven, seeing what they looked like when they were frosted and then...eating them! I can count on one hand how many times Makenzie has had sweets but I know that part of the whole process is getting to taste the final product. I made a mini cupcake in my mini-cupcake tin and she got to eat that after dinner. I know that she's not able to make all of the connections now but it was definitely an activity that allowed her to use all 5 senses. Of course it was also VERY messy!!!

I bought some pom-poms at Target in the $1 bins. I'm sure I will find a million things to do with them. This activity was honestly thrown together one day when I was in pain and exhausted but still wanted to interact with Makenzie. I gathered a few containers I had set aside and a paper towel tube. I showed Makenzie how the poms fit inside the paper towel and then would ask, "Her where is the ball?" She of lifted up the tube and then I said, "Peek-a-boo!" Seriously such a simple game but she had fun with it and I felt like it was at least something that I could do with her that was a little different than playing with her toys.

This week, as I already mentioned was a less organized and more spur of the moment but we still had a lot of fun. I'm really excited about the activities I have planned for this week!

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  1. LOVE IT!! It is so neat to see her getting so excited about learning :)

    My mom has a recipe for homemade playdoh if you were interested! It believe it's a sort of flour mixture. We would make it all the time with different food coloring and such. Or, we would leave it plain, cut out shapes, bake them, and paint them! We often made Christmas ornaments out of them!