Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tot School Tuesday - Ocean Theme (16.5 months)

Tot School

Last week we continued with our ocean theme. With Disneyland on Monday, recuperating from Disneyland on Tuesday and then the Orange County Girl Talk Study on Wednesday, we were out and about a lot. We still did Tot School activities but just not as many as usual.

First off, Makenzie made an ocean collage.

I gave her a piece of white paper that I painted with glue and a plate with ripped up pieces of blue crepe paper. I showed her how to stick the crepe paper onto the white paper. She loves to "dip" right now and decided that it's more fun to dip the paper into the glue and then put it on the paper. I love when she gets her hands dirty without knowing it!

When she started to tire of that I gave her some ocean stickers and pom poms to glue on the paper.

She enjoyed this for a bit and then decided to do some glue painting.

Then of course had to see how the pom poms taste, apparently they taste great because she wouldn't stop eating them.

Then she decided that it would be fun to put stickers all over herself...

and that Daddy needed some stickers too. We were so happy to have Daddy join us for one day of Tot School!
This was such a great activity. It worked on her fine motor skills, concentration and creativity. Plus it's so fun to have something hanging on our fridge that was completely made by her.

This week she started emptying out her living room toy box, putting a blanket inside (AKA a nigh-nigh) and sitting in it, all of this without any prompting. I think I say this all the time, but I love to watch her wheels turn and wonder what is going on in her cute little head.

A few weeks ago, I bought a magnetic fish puzzle at Target. The packaging said it was for ages 3+ but I'm learning that the age ranges on toys aren't true. Anyway, Dirk untied the string to the little fishing pole so that Makenzie is able to use it more easily. This doesn't keep her attention for long but she does enjoy taking the fish out of the puzzle and it's great for her concentration.

She also started taking the fish out with her little fingernails.

Did you notice the table she's working on? We bought a new table and chairs set for her at IKEA for $19.99. Are you kidding me? I seriously love it so much and so does she.

You all saw the ocean sensory box yesterday, here's how it went down:
Initially she was excited to see the animals and named them all.

Then she decided to make Mommy uneasy by getting upset about the rice on her hands.

Luckily she quickly got over that as I pointed out the rocks in rice. Still not a fan of the rice, she took each rock out and then shook her hand on the floor to get any loose rice off of the rock.

After playing for a few minutes, she started putting the rocks in the glass container. I made sure to point out the noise that it was making.

Lastly, she found that she didn't have to get all of the rice off of the rocks and just started putting handfuls of rice in the container. It was a great way to point out the difference between the sounds of the rock against the glass and the rice against the glass.

We are going to keep this box going throughout this next week. I think as she warms up to the box she'll get into it more, or at least I hope!

We don't have any technology pics this week because the iPad is starting to cause quite the commotion with Makenzie so I'm trying to keep it hidden.

Thanks for visiting our Tot School this week. We look forward to sharing with you again next week. Don't forget to check out 1+1+1=1 for some more awesome weekly Tot School posts.

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  1. The ocean collage is a great idea, I think I will try it with Max one day this week :)