Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tot School - Colors

Makenzie is currently 17 months old
Tot School

So we're starting a new theme, which is "Colors."

I started off by trying to determine if she could differentiate and name the colors. I showed her three pieces of colored construction paper, pointed to each and said it's name several times, then had her point with me and say it's name.

Ideally this would be done with Montessori color tablets but I'm not ready to invest in those quite yet. Anyway, Makenzie was able to point to the colors I named after doing this repeatedly. It's obvious that she's able to differentiate between colors but whenever you ask her, "What color is that?" She says, "blue." If I tell her the correct color name she will repeat the correct color name and then I'll ask again, "What color is that?" and again she says, "blue." This is just like when I would say, "Makenzie, a tiger says, 'rawr' Can you say, 'rawr?'" And she would just laugh. Then we went to her 15 month doctor appointment and the doctor asked Makenzie to say various animal noises when she said, "What does a tiger say?" and Makenzie says, "rawr." I just looked at her, smiled and shook my head. I'm sure that this is just the beginning of her "playing" me.

Okay, enough stories. After doing this I decided that this week I just wanted to expose her to a lot of different colors and casually talk about them.

So, the first thing we did was ice painting.

This is another activity that you probably have all the materials for right now. The day before the activity I filled an ice cube tray with water and added a few drops of food coloring, then popped it in the freezer.

The next day I gave Makenzie one of Dirk's old white t-shirts and the ice cubes and we painted the shirt with them. I'm planning on using the shirt as a coverup for art activities but you can use whatever white material you have on hand. I was worried that Makenzie's hands were going to be stained but the colored washed right off of her hands.

 You can also use frozen paint that you've watered down if you don't think your little one will eat it.

I saw some Crayola Bathtub Crayons at Target and we have used them every day this week. Makenzie loves to color with them. We also play a fun game where I ask her to find a specific color and she searches under the water for that color.

Lastly, we played with shaving cream. This was a hit! I was so surprised how quickly Makenzie started to play with it, I didn't have to encourage play at all.

I taped a black trash bag onto her table, and squirted almost a full can of shaving cream on the table. At first she just played with it. Then I put a few drops of red food coloring in the shaving cream (all of these pics are from my iPhone, sorry).
Then I gave her a red teething ring and a red shovel to use in the shaving cream although they were immediately immersed in the shaving cream and couldn't get a good picture of them.

Although this looks like a hot mess, it only took me 5 minutes to clean up. Shaving cream is SO easy to clean up!
Along with many other books we read this week, we read

So that was our week with Tot School. Don't forget to check out 1+1+1=1 for more great ideas!


  1. So cute!!! SERIOUSLY! I beg dirk everyday to bring her to work, now I will beg you! The smiling shaving cream shot is so adorable.

  2. Thanks Jonna. Did Dirk tell you that there have been two times this past month that I called to see if you were there so we could stop by and you had left early once and weren't at work another. I think we just have bad luck. What are the chances??? Heh.

  3. Adah LOVES playing with shaving cream in the bath. I use to bribe her with it to get her in the bath. I will defiantly have to try that!

  4. So I don't normally peruse the "next blog" tab at the top of my screen but did tonight out of curiousity. I stumbled onto your blog and just had to say it was great. :) I am a "new" stay at home to three kiddos and am wanting to start a loose preschool with them this fall. You reminded me about how awesome shaving cream is...they will love when I break that out! And I love the ice cube paints. Anyway, it was so great to read...thanks! Julie

  5. Hi! We're the publisher of What Makes a Rainbow and were wondering if Makenzie would like to be our fan of the week next week. If you're interested, I'll send you a free book. Email me at lee.becknell@piggytoespress.com if you are interested.

  6. wow! What is she playing with? Just make sure you've got Anti Bacterial/Anti Biotic to be sure.