Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tot School Tuesday - Sea World

We didn't really do any Tot School last week. We did MyGym, went to our last Girl Talk Bible study in the OC and then Sea World!!! Makenzie had a great time at Sea World. It was so awesome to watch her take it all in and even more awesome to see her match all that we've been learning with real life experiences. She had the vocabulary to express what she was seeing and what she wanted more of. It was almost like an informal assessment of our Ocean Unit. So much fun! Here is an overview from our trip.

Kenzie never wanted to be in stroller so we all took turns walking her around the park. Here she is with my two handsome brothers. 

We tried to get Kenzie to touch the star fish but she wasn't having anything to do with it. Surprise, surprise...heh.

She loved the sea turtles.


One of my favorite parts was watching Makenzie make the noises that the seals and sea lions were making...too cute.

Kenzie's favorite was a toss up between the turtles and the polar bears. She spent quite awhile watching the polar bears.

She fell in love with a stuffed polar bear on our way out so Uncle Brad had to buy it for her. She is SO tired in this picture.

We saw a ton of other things but I don't want to bore you with all the photos. Overall, she had a great time and got to experience "the ocean" in a more rich environment.

When we got home from Sea World there was a freak summer thunderstorm, which NEVER happens in So. Cal. We took advantage of the weather and played chalk in the rain, in our pajamas. It was so much fun!

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