Sunday, November 6, 2011

Budget Cuts...Menu Planning

Our grocery bill was beginning to get ridiculous and we are on family budget cuts so something needed to be done. Last month we were spending about $130 a week on groceries, that was just for food. Everyone kept telling me how their grocery bill has also gone up so I just accepted it, but after looking at our recent spending we decided that we needed to cut our grocery bill. I am happy to say, that for the past three weeks, our highest grocery bill was $103 the other two weeks were in the high 80s. Our grocery bill includes breakfast, lunch and snack for 7 days and typically dinner for 6 days.

So how did I cut it down? Truth is I'm cutting coupons but I rarely use them. I have been paying attention to our local grocery ads, and have realized that my first problem was shopping at the wrong grocery store. I always had manufacturer coupons from Ralphs that were tailored to my past purchases so I figured I'd be saving the most there but I have learned that Vons has the best sales on meat and produce which are our two biggest expenses. I pretty much only buy things on sale and have been saving about 30% each week, with very minimal coupons. I am also happy to say that while our meals are much less "fancy" we are still eating very few processed foods and getting our veggies and fruits in. We are learning that we don't buy fruits, veggies or meat because they sound good, but rather because they are on sale.

I know I had mentioned that I was going to do a recipe link up but in looking around the internet, there are already a ton of link ups out there and being honest with you, and myself, I'm not going to be able to commit to doing something every single week without fail. It's just not realistic for me right now. With that said, my plan is to share our menu for the coming up week as frequently as possible and give an update from the previous weeks menu. I have really loved reading these posts on other blogs and have start pinning some recipes from them.

Okay, so here's our menu for this week:

  • Family Dinner
  • Pizza
  • Friend's wedding
I am linked up to  I'm an Organizing Junkie, great blog if you haven't checked it out yet!

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