Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Toys

This past week I've been observing the toys Makenzie plays with so I know which toys I can put away to make room for the new toys coming soon to a crowded house near you. Heh. I'm always trying to research toys on the internet and talking to other parents to see what their kids played with. If you're still looking for gifts to get your little one, here are some of the toys Makenzie has loved this past year.

LeapFrog's My Pals Violet or Scout. Makenzie got this last Christmas and liked it but she continues to love it more and more. A few of her little friends have one and they love theirs as well. It's personalized to say the child's name and sing songs to the child. So cool!

Laugh & Learn Fun With Friends Musical Table - Fisher Price Toys - Laugh & Learn. Makenzie doesn't play with this a ton now but it does still get some play time. She got this as an early Christmas present last year and played with it ALL the time.  It's great because the legs are made to come off so that the tabletop can sit on the floor so babies who aren't standing yet can still play with it. It's been a hit with many kids that have come over. (Look at my tiny baby!)

LeapFrog's Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket. My brother bought this for Makenzie. She has always liked it but recently really started to play with it. It has shape sorting and fun songs and of course the element of pretend play which Makenzie is totally into now. She brings us food over and over again. She sets up the whole picnic, puts it away and sets it up again. Love this toy!

Little Tykes Cozy Coupe. What kid doesn't love this? 

Books. Makenzie LOVES books, as do I. Some of her favorites this year were:

Tomorrow I'll share some of the things she's going to be getting this year along with a fun DIY Christmas present. 

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