Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Day We Bought a Gate

While Makenzie was a VERY difficult baby she is pretty easy toddler. For sure she has meltdowns and throws fits but she is typically well mannered, loving and hilarious! Last Thursday she threw us for a loop!

I went into her bedroom around 12:15am, as I do every night to check on her, pray over her and cover her up if I feel like it's too cold. This night, I covered her up and immediately she was awake. Great...

I tried to lay her back down and tell her it's still "nigh-night time" but it was a no-go. I picked her up and cuddled her for a little bit and then tried to put her back in her bed again, which has always worked, but she literally freaked out, more than I have ever seen before, screaming and desperate. By this time, it's like 12:40 and all I want to do is go to sleep so I decide that I will take her into our bed, coax her to bed and put her in her back in her crib. Mind you, she LOVES her crib and anytime I've ever tried to put her in our bed she says, "No, Kenzie bed." So I figured this night would be no different. She was wide awake, so around 1:15 I decide to try her in her bed again. I put her in her bed, she fought it but I laid her down, patted her back and coaxed her to sleep. I creeped into our bed,  got comfortable and suddenly I hear Makenzie screaming "Mommy!" and freaking out like some stranger is in her room and taking her. Seriously we've never heard her scream like that before.

So I get out of bed, only to hear her close by. I look down our hallway and see her standing at the top of the stairs! Within the, maybe, 30 seconds it took for me to get out of bed and get to her room (which is right across from ours), she had gotten out of her crib and was down the hall standing at the top of the stairs yelling, "Mommy!" I freaked out! I yelled, "Makenzie, stop!" ran and grabbed her. This startled Dirk and he came running out and I told him what happened. I was shaking, she was sobbing uncontrollably and Dirk was like a deer in the headlights. I was scared not only because she was at the top of the stairs which we had no gate on, but also because I had no idea how she was out of her crib. To this day I have no idea how she got out of her crib so quickly in the desperate manner she was in. Seriously, I. DO. NOT. KNOW. She has never even showed interest in getting out of her crib and hasn't since. Dirk and I have tried to talk over every possibility but nothing makes sense, unless she literally jumped out of her bed and the Lord saved her from injury. I don't even know.

Needless to say, we bought a baby gate the next day.

Now I'm just praying that she's not starting to have nightmares. Yesterday she woke up suddenly from her nap screaming and sobbing and yelling, "Daddy!" in the same desperate manner that she was the other night. She has never had any issues like this before. Even when she does awake she usually just plays in her crib for awhile and sings or talks. I researched night terrors and nightmares and it definitely sounds like nightmares as she is distraught and remembers whatever it is that has startled her awake. I tried to ask her why she was screaming but she wasn't able to tell me. Toddlers aren't able to differentiate reality from dreams so I guess that makes things even more scary. I'm just praying that this isn't going to be a reoccurring thing. It's so sad.

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  1. Austin has had nightmares off and on since he was about Makenzie's age. Its awful!! He talks, and even cries in his sleep while he's having them. It breaks my heart. Praise God it only happens once in a blue moon!!