Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY Bowling Set

I have wanted to make a DIY bowling set for Makenzie for quite some time. I finally got my hands on enough empty coffee creamer bottles that I decided to make it as a Christmas gift for her. I got inspiration from several different blogs and ended up with this.

It's so easy and so cheap and I'm hoping that Makenzie will have lots of fun with it!

What do you need? 

  • 10 clean empty plastic containers, if you're just now washing them it's okay if they're a little wet.
  • glue gun
  • 10 different acrylic paints (I just bought the cheap $.79 paints from Michaels) just get solid colors glitter or pearlescent leaves a horrible streaking and uneven coverage.
  • nail polish remover and cotton balls

How do you do it? 
First you'll take the labels off of the bottles. 
Put a different color paint in each botte, you may have to play with the amount, start with less, add more if needed. If your paint is fairly thin then you're good to go, if it's a little thicker add up to 1/2 tsp of water. If you're not sure move on to the next step and adjust if needed. 

Put the lid on well and shake it up, lightly hitting the sides so that the color disperses over the whole bottle. If you're not making this as a gift, this is a step that the kids would love to do. Drain excess paint.

Take off the lids and let the bottles dry at least overnight, some may take longer depending on how much paint was left in the bottle.

When bottles are dry, replace the lids. Use nail polish remover and cotton ball get to get the ugly "use by date" off. (don't mind my nasty, unmanicured fingernails)
Then use a hot glue gun to glue the lids tight so tiny hands can't open them.

I chose to include a larger ball since Makenzie is still young and needs some work on her gross motor skills but if you have older kids you would want to include a smaller ball. 

Voila! I already had the ball and the containers and I had a coupon for Michales so the cost to make this was less than $7, plus I have lots of paint left over for other projects. Yay!!! Now to see if she thinks it's as great as I do. :)

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  1. I totally have to do this! I already have paints so this will cost me close to noting! Thanks!