Thursday, December 1, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel - Day One

So we did our first day of Truth in the Tinsel. I was so excited to start but Makenzie is in a bad mood today. Usually she will sit and listen to me read and will sit nicely and do any craft I give her. Not today, she cried when I wanted to read to her and she had a fit trying to do the craft. She was not cooperating like she usually does. We did get to read after much coaxing and about half way through the craft she had a meltdown. She's just not in a good mood today. Here's her finished craft. There are holes but that's what we could get done today. :)

I introduced the concept by holding the candle away from the tree and telling her that before Jesus came the world was dark. Then I put it on the tree and let the lights light it up and said with Jesus there is light. So today we are learning, "Without Jesus it was dark, with Jesus it is light." She's getting it so far. I'm hoping that tomorrow will go much better than today did!!!


  1. what a lovely idea, bless her though, my son can be the same, loves doing something normally but then has a bad day and just does not want to now :)

  2. Awww! What a wonderful idea and concept, too! I just happened upon your blog, and am now your newest follower! :) Hopefully your little one is in a better mood today!

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