Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tot School Tuesday - The Letter A and Days 1-3 of Creation

We're back to doing Tot School! Yay!!! As I mentioned last week we are using the Tot School Printables and I am making some of my own curriculum for Bible study. I'm still working out kinks with the Bible study portion so we only read three portions and did crafts for two but it's a start. :) We are in a new schedule now so I'm trying to figure out how many days we will be doing Tot School. Initially I thought we'd do five but now I'm not so sure. Bear with me as I work it all out.
Tot School

Makenzie is 22.5 months
Letter Study: A
Bible Study: Creation
Bible verse: Song for Saplings-Psalm 17:8
Creation Day One:
After reading Genesis 1:1-5 we did a craft showing that God created day and night. Makenzie loved this craft and understood the concept after completing it. I didn't get any process shots because I was trying to make sure that the paint stayed on the table.

After we complete our 7 days of creation of I'll share how to create each of the creation crafts. 

Creation Day 2: We just read Genesis 1:6-8. I had a craft planned and we may go back and do it but it just wasn't going to work for us this week. 

Creation Day 3: We read Genesis 1:9-13. Then we went for a walk around our neighborhood and picked weeds and grasses from the empty lot as we learned about God creating plants, trees and land.
I put glue all over a piece of paper and let Makenzie make a collage out of the items we found. This was a great time to continue to talk to her about what God made and to question her about what she had learned so far.

When working with the letter A we started by singing "A-Apple; Psalm 17:8" on the Songs for Saplings, this is Makenzie's Bible verse for the week. By the end of the week she has memorized the verse, "Keep me as the apple of your eye. Psalm 17:8" as "Apple Eye" Psalm teen 8. Haha. I know that her vocabulary is still limited but I'm so thankful for this CD and the fact that she is memorizing scripture and we are able to talk about what the scripture means. Then we worked on the printables. I was blown away with how quickly Makenzie caught on and how quickly we moved through the printables. We didn't do all of the printables this week because Makenzie already fully recognizes the letter A in random places and fonts. The letters A and M are by far her "favorites."

We started by dot painting the letter A (while in her pajamas, heh). She isn't big into taking directions right now so I was worried that she would flip out and want to do her own thing but she watched as I modeled and followed suit. As she stamped I would say the letter and it's sound and soon she was saying it on her own. 

Next we drew a line from the upper case A to the lower case a. This was the one I really thought was going to take a few weeks to get. You can see initially she was dotting the page with the marker as she did with the dot painter then she decided to scribble on it. Once she finally slowed down and let me model for her, she got it and followed the lines. (I just got a laminator so I will be laminating this page so that she can use overhead markers on it and they can be reused throughout the week)

We also did a shape recognition page, which I didn't take any pics of. She was able to recognize and color the basic shapes (circle, triangle, square, star, heart and crescent) but still needs to work on rectangle, hexagon, oval and diamond.

Finally, she worked on a stamping page where she stamped As with a red stamp pad. This didn't keep her attention very long but I know that each activity will fluctuate from week to week. 

Here were some other fun learning opportunities this week:

We went on a family hike with our good friend Kyle. We had a lot of fun and we were able to again discuss God's beautiful creation.
Daddy taught her how to cut the Melissa and Doug cutting fruit.
And eventually she started doing it herself...
and then I let her cut her own banana for her snack...

Lately Makenzie has showed an interest in unloading the dishwasher. We were letting her put the cutting boards away but now she has the job of unloading the silverware, after I take the knives out of course. At first this was exciting for her but now it all depends on her mood. I am treating it as a chore though which means that it's something that needs to be done, by her. She's shed a few tears and thrown a few fits but we're working through it.
Here's what the silverware drawer looks like after she helps.

Well I think that sums up our week of Tot School. It was nice being back in the swing of things and I'm looking forward to getting everything fine tuned.

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  1. What a fun week! We listen to the Saplings cd every week too! My son is a little behind in the talking department {starting to think he is just a little lazy}, but he loves it! He would say apple and eye as fast as he could when we did letter A! If you put those tot school printables in heavy duty page protectors, the dry erase markers work well on them too! That way you don't have to laminate everything, as that adds up quickly! I still laminate the puzzle/lacing card, but everything else I put in those sheets in a notebook! I loved your activities this week! Stopping by from 1+1+1=1!