Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Real Meaning of Easter

If you've been following this blog for some time you'll remember that before Makenzie's first Christmas I was really torn between whether or not to do the whole Santa Clause thing and if so, how, when, etc. When Amanda from Impress Your Kids announced, this year, that she had created "Truth in the Tinsel" I jumped at the chance to participate. This past Christmas I was still up in the air about whether to do the whole Santa thing but after doing Truth in the Tinsel there just wasn't any time for Santa. We had a blast doing all of the things we did and all while learning about the Lord.

As Easter began to approach I wanted to do the same. Amanda from Impress Your Kids is doing a unit on the Resurrection and it looks like a lot of fun but Makenzie is a little too young this year. I wanted to do something that will help her get the message at her level. We are using the Resurrection Eggs, which I'm sure many of you have heard of  (I will share ours tomorrow) but today we went to our church's bookstore and got two new books (which my dad ended up buying for us, thanks Dad!). "The Easter Cave" by Carol Wedeven and "The Very First Easter" boardbook by Paul L. Maier (The boardbook is a shorter adaptation of the paperback and is appropriate for ages 4 and under, although older kids will be able to pull from it as well). I love both of these books as they don't dumb down the story. They show pictures like the crown of thorns on Jesus' head and a few drops of blood dripping from them. I wondered at first if it would be too intense for Makenzie but then I thought, "Isn't Christ's love for us intense? Doesn't she have the right, even at her young age, to understand the intense love He has for us?"

I read both of the stories to Makenzie and I wish I could have captured the look on her face as she saw the Crown of Thorns on Jesus' head. She was scowling, saying, "Jesus has owies, it hurts." "Men hurt him." I explained to her that sin is all of the things that we do that we aren't supposed to, when we're naughty. I explained to her, that he did get owies and he died on the cross but he rose again from the dead so that we can live with him forever in heaven. I turned the page, and again we saw the nails pierced through Jesus' hands and you know what she said, "Jesus hurts, Kenzie no naughty anymore." I didn't tell her that we shouldn't be naughty, I just told her what was going on and that's what she got from that. Praise the Lord that these little minds are like sponges and are able to take in God's Word. God is good!!!

After we read the stories we went outside and made a resurrection garden. Have you seen this on Pinterest???
I cannot trace it back to it's origin and I've tried! But here is the original. When I saw this I knew we needed to do this. So we did. Here's how we did it.

What you'll need:

A large shallow terracotta pot or drip tray
Small terracotta pot
Soil or dirt
grass seed
small stones or rocks
larger rock for the entryway to the tomb
sticks to make the crosses
spray bottle

What You'll Do:

Put some soil/dirt on the bottom of the large terracotta tray. 

Place the small terracotta pot on the tray and cover it with dirt, creating what looks like a hill.

Place rocks on the side of the pot leading into the tomb to make a path.

When you have finished the path. Spritz the whole thing with water, then sprinkle with grass seed.

Spritz again with water and DO NOT turn your back on your two-year-old or your tomb will look like this and you'll have to rinse off your "rocky path" and try to scrape some of the grass seed off of the tomb.

Create crosses using sticks and twine, or hot glue if you don't have twine. (I stripped a few sprigs of rosemary from my garden). When you've finished making your three crosses, insert them into the dirt on the top of the hill.

 Place your large rock (which we need to go on a walk to find tomorrow) on the side of the tomb and voila! You have a great representation of Jesus' empty tomb. A great way to tell the story and a great reminder that Jesus is no longer in the tomb. He is risen!

The caption on Pinterest said that it will take 7-10 days for the grass to sprout and you should spray throughout the day and keep in a warm sunny place. Hopefully ours will sprout after the little mishap. Heh. I will post pics of the cleaned up version, with the grass as soon as it sprouts. If you make one I'd love to see a picture! Post a link in my comments section!

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  1. I love this idea! And I love your blog :) Just stumbled across it now. I think Im going to make one of these with my 10 year old. He is very hands on and loves asking questions about Jesus. This will make the cross and the resurrection so much more real to him! Thank you :)