Friday, April 20, 2012

Pull-Ups...I hate you

When we first started potty training, Pull-Ups were great but now they are a crutch, perhaps an addiction? Makenzie's Pull-Up is dry almost 100% of the time, with the exception of when she wakes up (which is my fault because I take my sweet time getting her out of bed, heh) and yet it never fails that Makenzie is in a Pull-Up almost every day all day. My excuse is always, "I have so much to do..." Well I've had so much to do since October when we first potty trained her! What now? I need to just suck it up and keep putting her in panties. My worst nightmare is going to Target and having her pee all over the cart. She's really good at telling us when she has to go but I really don't want to deal with that. I guess it's time we both put our big girl panties on and take the last step to potty training. Wish us luck...

And because I don't have a picture of her in a Pull-Up here she is in her new swimsuit. She's growing up so fast!

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