Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crowdtap Review: How does it work?

I've had quite a few people say, "I signed up for Crowdtap but I'm so confused as to how it works!" so I thought I'd share some tips. Let me start by saying that you're probably not going to get a sample and share right away. Crowdtap opportunities are largely based on your reputation which is accrued through your Starpower, Level & Lifetime Points.

 The more you do, the more reputation you earn and the more reputation you earn, the more Crowdtap and their companies want your opinion.

Quick Hits are released sporadically and they don't last forever so the more you check in the more chances you have of getting them. These the companies understand more about you and help you to earn more points.

The "Actions" will be the place where you will find opportunities to participate in group discussions, sample & shares and parties. The discussion opportunities fill up pretty fast, sometimes you'll get an e-mail that there's an opportunity and go to look and it's not there anymore. Again, the more you check in the more opportunities you'll have. If it's just a day at home I'll usually check during Makenzie's nap & in the evening after she goes to bed and occasionally in the morning if I happen to be on my computer. It really is such a quick thing that it probably only takes me 10 minutes. In the evenings is when I respond to discussions, etc. Also, the more in-depth and creative your posts are and the more media you add to your response, the more opportunity you have to get your discussion starred.

The beginning is really slow moving but once you get to a higher level more opportunities pop up and you earn points much quicker than before. I think that's a basic overview. If you have any other questions I'd love to answer them. :)


  1. Thank you so much! I am super excited!

  2. So nice blogger .... i like this blogger

  3. Does each brand have its own set of points? Cause I have noticed when I switch brands the pints show 0 and everything is zeroed out. Is it supposed to do this? Just making sure