Thursday, October 25, 2012

Farewell to Paci - How We Did It

Okay, so my definition of tomorrow is way off huh? I've had this post saved for awhile but I never finished it. Let's give this another try...

The decision to get rid of the paci came as I was researching stuttering. Makenzie started stuttering back in May. I wasn't too worried because I stuttered and so did my brothers and cousins. I think it's because we were all such talkers as kids that our mouths couldn't catch up with everything our brains wanted to say. We had been talking about getting rid of the paci for awhile but when Makenzie's stuttering got really bad I started researching some things and read that the paci can train the tongue to be in the wrong spot. Now, the few resources I read this on weren't scientific, one was a comment someone else's doctor made and another was some random website. I don't usually take random info seriously but I just felt like we needed to get rid of the paci ASAP.

We started prepping Kenzie, explaining that pacis are for sad babies (I read this idea on a community post) and that we were going to need to give her pacis to all of the sad babies because she was a big girl now. I hesitated to use the term "big girl" because I've read you shouldn't use it because when a sibling comes along then the idea of being "big" is no longer appealing, blah blah blah. I used to agree but sometimes you just do what you do and throw out the philosophy of it all.

So one night when Makenzie went to sleep she found that one of her pacis was broken (AKA mommy cut a slit in it). She brought it to me and said, "Mommy, my paci is broked!" I explained that she must've sucked a hole in it because she's getting to be so big. She was totally fine with it and wanted nothing to do with the broken paci. The next morning she woke up and her second paci had a hole in it. She seemed okay. She just said, "Well, I guess no more paci then." My mommy heart beamed, "Maybe this isn't going to be so hard after all."

Up comes nap time and she's crying and upset and can't fall asleep. I go in to reassure her every so often, but still she's super upset. She cries for over an hour and finally falls asleep, for 30 minutes. Oye!

So Dirk decides we need to make it final. We need to get rid of the pacis and send them off somewhere. So that night he has Makenzie collect her pacis and put them in a box. He closed the box and wrote a note: To all the sad babies. Love, Makenzie and Makenzie signed it.

We told her we were going to put it in the mail and send it to the sad babies. We then gave her a new box.

She opened it to find a brand new Buzz Lightyear (her current favorite). Buzz quickly took the place of Barney in her bed, which threw me for a loop and made me so sad. I'm not a fan of the show, it's so annoying, but she loves him and that's the only bit of toddler left in her so to see him thrown on the floor was quite traumatic for me BUT I am happy to report that Barney has now been allowed back in the bed and Buzz has become a better toy for pretend play rather than nigh-night time.

That night she whined a little bit but went to sleep quickly. After that she had few nights of whining but did great! She has asked for it a few times with a smirk on her face but she's doing great without it! My first inclination was not to give her anything in place of the pacis. I don't want her to get the idea that when we have to do something hard, we are rewarded with something exciting, but she's two and there will be many more times to teach life lessons. For now, I'll let her be two and enjoy her Buzz Lightyear in place of her beloved pacis.

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