Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Time is {almost} Here - Truth in the Tinsel

Okay, so I'm typically a total Christmas snob. I LOOOOVE Christmas but have strict rules that nothing Christmas related can be in our home or played through our speakers until the day after Thanksgiving. I guess I just feel like it's so special and so fun that it just can't be played before, or after, or it will suddenly lose it's magical qualities...yes, I'm the girl that believed in Santa Clause until like 4th or 5th grade. ;)

This year is SO different. I am beyond excited for Christmas. I can't stop thinking about it and planning for it. I purged Kenzie's toys that she doesn't play with and sold some to pay for her Christmas. All of her Christmas presents are being paid for by her old toys, seriously, "Praise the Lord!!!" I already started buying her Christmas presents (which is a big deal for me) and I'm planning out what everyone else is getting. I even let Makenzie pick a Christmas book at the library that she just had to have...GASP!

The thing I'm MOST excited about this year is...Truth in the Tinsel!

I talked about it last year and we loved it. Makenzie was still pretty young so we only did about half of the activities but she really got the concepts behind it. I am SO excited to do it again this year now that she's older and is able to better understand and able to do more things for the crafts. So exciting!!!

You may not be ready to think about Christmas yet but I highly suggest you try this e-book out and that you get it now so that you can get the supplies together. A majority of the supplies are things you probably already have at home but it's helpful to be able to get all of it together ahead of time.

You should also follow their Facebook page because the author, Amanda, gives a ton of tips and updates, plus you can post your projects as you complete them. So fun! I hope you'll join us this December as we complete this amazing advent experience. You and your kids will so enjoy it!

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