Thursday, December 13, 2012

Old Navy Style Council - Keeping Cozy this Season in Old Navy Sweaters

As part of Old Navy's Style Council through Crowdtap, I had another opportunity to take a friend and go shopping for a free Old Navy sweater. Old Navy has some adorable sweaters this fall/winter. Of course before I went in I went online to figure out what I might want. I initially fell in love with the Softest Crew-Neck Sweater in "In the Navy." I love the style of the sweater and the cute!
I also liked the Scoop-Neck Softest Sweater, there are so many fun colors to choose from.

My friend Melissa and I went together, taking along the little girls. Oh man, that was an adventure that left us both exhausted afterward. Unfortunately they didn't have the "In the Navy" sweater in store so I didn't get to try it on. I did find some really cute things to try on though.

The softest sweaters really are so soft and not scratchy like I thought they might be. I like how long they were and how cozy they felt. Melissa suggested I try a belt on with it and I thought it was really cute! There's my Kenzie girl in her cute get up which also happens to be from Old Navy.

 I also tried on this fox sweater, which is still in store but not available online.

I thought it was cute, but not me, until I tried it on. I loved the way it fit and thought it looked really cute on, so that's the sweater I picked. Love it!

Melissa is 15 weeks pregnant with their second baby so she was looking for clothes that she could wear now and later. She tried on this cardi with a red dress and this adorable belt seriously SO cute!

She also tried on this softest v-neck sweater with a belt, leggings and boots. Super cute!

I love how versatile many of the sweaters are. They were all cozy but still stylish and made you feel "put together." Starting Sunday their sweaters will all be on sale so you have to check them out! Also right now, they are having a 30% off sale online and their sweaters are on sale! Go get you something fun!


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