Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Big Sibling Book Review

When we first found out that we were having another baby I scoured the internet for a book to get Kenzie involved in the pregnancy. I was originally looking for a book with real pictures of the baby week by week. I still haven't found one of those that I really liked but we use the Sprout Pregnancy app and the Baby Center app which have been great for seeing weekly pictures of what the baby looks like and for short videos to show the baby's development. While I was scouring the internet I found "The Big Sibling Book."

It looked super cute and had good reviews so I thought we'd give it a try. It is seriously SO cute. It is essentially a pregnancy journal and baby book from the big sibling's perspective. We filled out the first few pages today.
One of the first pages says, "Here's a drawing/photo of me BEFORE you came into the picture." I had Makenzie draw herself and this is what she came up with. I may add an actual picture of her to it later but I love that I can see Makenzie's development along with the baby's.

In the beginning there are questions like, "Do any of your friends or cousins have siblings, if so what are their names and what do they do with their siblings?" (although written in more kid-friendly terms) Another page has a checklist for activities that the big sibling is able to do before the baby is born, things like knowing their ABCs, tying their own shoes, etc.

After the baby is born there are several interviews for your child to fill out. I think there are four of them throughout the baby's first year. So fun!
There are also a lot of sticker pages, like one for putting on different faces to express the feeling that the big sibling has when the baby does various things, like having a poopy diaper or crying.

There's also a few fun sticker pages for recording milestones that the baby goes through during various months. Plus a lot more interactive, fun sticker pages.

One last thing that I really like is that there are comparisons for the older sibling and baby. There's a page where you place the baby's foot prints and the big sibling's foot prints in a box to compare sizes and then there's this one where they compare pictures of themselves as a newborn with the new baby.

The book goes through the baby's whole first year and at the very end has some pages that can be used as scrapbook pages, along with title stickers to give you ideas of what you can paste on the various pages. The suggested ages is 3-6. Makenzie is almost three and I know a lot of it will be done by us, but I asked her every question and she was able to answer correctly. You can choose if you want to put in right answers or the funny ones your kiddo comes up with. I could see older children, like ages 7-10, filling this out themselves and having a great time with it. As for families with multiple children, the book is written for one child but you could try a collaborative effort, or you could buy each child they're own, they are very affordable at under $12 each.


  1. I love books like these that promote fun activities with siblings.

  2. Great post, and I love the way you manage to promote fun activities! Joining a book of the month club when our son was just 6 months old and reading at least 30 minutes every day for him was the best thing we ever did, as we clearly see that now he is far ahead of others at the same age. Reading everyday for your child is worth every penny!

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