Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Announcement(s)

It was November 21st, Dirk was in LA and I was a day late. I was so hesitant to test because every month I "thought" I was pregnant and for the first time I was totally surrendered to the Lord. Well, I'm never late and so I took Makenzie out to the store to get a test. I took it as soon as I got home and it was immediately two lines. I was shocked and excited and giddy. I had this whole thing planned out, I was going to find out early afternoon while Dirk was at work, go out, buy a "I'm a Big Sister" shirt for Makenzie and when Dirk came home she would hide, as she does every night and when he found her he would see her shirt. What a fun plan right?! Well, it was like 7:00 pm, getting to be bath & bedtime and Dirk wouldn't be home until really late. I knew I didn't really have time to go out to hunt for a shirt so I quickly & sloppily wrote on a piece of white paper, "I'm going to be a big sister" and had Makenzie hold it up.

She said, "Mommy, why do you want me to hold up the picture you made?" I told her I just wanted to show Daddy my pretty picture and that was good enough for her. The night went on as usual and Dirk finally got home around 11:00. We did the normal chat and catching up and then I said, "Oh, you should see this cute picture of Makenzie that I took." He looked at it and his face was like, "I don't get it..." I mean she's a cutie of course but the pic wasn't anything special. I said, "Did you read the sign she's holding?!?!" He says, "Yeah, why is she holding that?" OYE VEY boy, come on!!! He's usually so quick and on it, I didn't think I'd have to spell it out. I told him, "I'm pregnant!" He was so ecstatic and couldn't believe it. It was such a change from when we found out we were pregnant with Makenzie, we were in shock!

The next day I went out and bought her an official "big sister" shirt and we used that to tell our family. (Thank you to my mother-in-law for sneaking Kenzie up to her studio and taking this quick pic of her)

We even got to Skype with my brother Adam in Texas and my Aunt in New Mexico. Before we told anybody, we knew we had to tell Makenzie. Here's how the convo went...

Mommy: Makenzie, remember how "K"'s mommy had baby "M" and now she's a big sister?

Makenzie: Yeah...

Mommy: Well, Mommy has a baby in her tummy and you're going to be a big sister!

Makenzie: Oh, is it going to come in mail? (seriously where does this kid come up with this stuff????)

Mommy is recovering from laughter so Daddy responds: No, the baby is going to grow in Mommy's tummy and Mommy's tummy is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and then the baby will be born.

Makenzie: Ohhhh...is it going to come tomorrow?

Mommy: No, it will be in August so after Christmas, and after your birthday and Easter and we'll do some fun summer things like go to the beach and then we'll have a new baby.

Makenzie: Oh, that's a long time, can you just set a timer? (WHAT?! Oh man, I did not anticipate this conversation at all) Is it a boy or a girl?

Mommy: Well, we don't know. We'll have to wait awhile before we can find out.

Makenzie: Okay, well I just want a sister, not a boy...

I had expected her to be either baffled, or not quite understanding or excited, not as matter-of-fact as she was. This girl kills me. She has since been so excited and talks about the baby ALL THE TIME. She is going to be an amazing big sister, which I didn't quite expect. Her excitement is infectious and makes Dirk and I think of the new baby all the time. It's so fun to be going through this as the three of us and not just a "grown-up" thing.

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