Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Using Evernote to Organize Recipes

When I first got married 6 years ago, blogs were just starting to become popular, Pinterest didn't exist and Facebook wasn't what it was today. If you wanted to find a recipe you either went to your cookbooks, a recipe site like or or you emailed yourself a link to a blog. Now? It seems overwhelming at times. There are so many amazing food blogs and so many yummy recipes on Pinterest. How do you organize them and keep track of what you liked and what you changed?

I started using Evernote last October to catalog the recipes that I've made that we really like. It's so simple, it takes only minutes to record and it helps me plan when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the 786 pins I have on my "Mouth Watering" Pinterest board.

First you have to download Evernote on your computer. Once you get it all set up you make a new notebook called "dinners" or whatever you want to call it. Then you start adding new "notes." I always start by typing in the title and dragging a picture from the site I used (if there is one). I then copy and paste the recipe into my Evernote, with any changes I made and paste the link to the site I got it from. The best part is that you can add tags. You can see towards the top that I tagged this recipe "chicken" "greek" "favorite." This isn't a particularly easy recipe but if it's easy or quick I'll tag the recipe by those terms and can later search my own recipes for the tags "easy" and "chicken" and find recipes we like that meet that criteria. It's like your very own "site" for all of your favorite recipes.

Here's an example of an entry of one of my favorite dinners, Chicken Gyros from Annie's Eats.

You can see on the left-hand side that you get a thumbnail of all of your recipes you've input and the pics if you've added any. These are all pics taken from the sites so you shouldn't share them in this manner but you can use them for your own good. So far this has worked out great for us!

Do you have any recipe organizing tips?


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